E v a n g e l i c a l    C h u r c h 

T R I N I T Y 

Practicing the ancient faith in the modern world

Valentine's Day Banquet 2023

Bruce and Connie Montgomey

David and Aimee Hoppes

Jeff and Sandy Taylor

Ernie and Shawna Richardson

Andy and Vanessa Lee

Warren and  Celia Hatzenbuehler

Monte and Becky Hostetler

Eric and Gracie Bronson

Our Fantastic Co-directors of Fellowship Events

Hannah Enick and Nikki Deeds

Kirby and Lori Humphries

Dick and Sherry Hemphill

Our servers: August Deeds and Thibault

Pastor Doug with Hannah and Nikki

Zach and Nikki Deeds with Hannah Enick